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Blockchain proof-of-ownership & existence

for your intellectual property: texts, images, music, videos — whatever you want.

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Store immutable ownership records on the Factom blockchain.
No coding — just send your files to Factom Robot on Telegram.

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How Factom Robot works

You create something new, e.g. article, photo, illustration, design, music, video, scheme, source code or whatever else.

To store your ownership, just send the file to the Telegram bot. Your file's existence will be recorded on the Factom blockchain.

Records stored on Factom are public & immutable. It proves the ownership & existence of uploaded files.

Factom Robot automatically adds the digital signature to every record. The signature proves the authenticity of an entry.


Once you start the chat with @FactomRobot, your account is automatically created. All the files you send to the bot are listed in your account, along with links to the proof-of-ownership records on the Factom blockchain.

We don’t store your files and don't share them with third parties. Once you send the file to Factom Robot, it’s stored only on Telegram servers.
 Privacy respectful

Your personal information is never made publicly visible on the blockchain. Instead, we store a digital fingerprint known as a "hash". The process cannot be reversed, so your documents and personal information are safe from prying eyes.

Proof sharing & certificate

Your can share your file and it's ownership proof whenever you want. By sharing one file you don't reveal your other files. Files & it's ownership proof may be shared from your account (by a special link) or you can download PDF certificate with blockchain proof.

 Example of shared file & proof  

 Example of PDF certificate  

Factom Explorer

The Factom Explorer lets you explore network transactions & data entries. Entries are written into chains. Factom Robot stores proof-of-ownership records into it's public chain on the Factom blockchain.

One entry created per file. Each entry can be located on the blockchain using a unique identifier known as an entry hash.

 Explore the chain  

Factom Robot's chain on Factom

Digital signature

A valid digital signature is used to prove the authenticity of an entry. All Factom chain entries made by our bot have a digital signature. The signature proves the entry was made by Factom Robot.

You can easily check the validity of every entry using the public key   specified in Factom Robot's entry chain or using our online checker.

 Check the digital signature  

Online checker of digital signatures of Factom entries